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The Bible has long been regarded as the most controversial book ever printed and to this day it continues to raise opinion, cause debate and structure our society. How can this mysterious book continue to be the most sold book of all time? Why was the Bible the first book ever to be printed using a printing press and why has it been universally distributed and translated into over 1,200 languages?

Bible Fact #1

The Bible was written some 2,000 years ago by around 40 authors and is actually a collection of 66 books.
The Bible contains many different styles of writing such as history, poetry, fiction, narration, prophecy and law and must be interpreted in the context of these styles.
It is the basis for all Christian religions in the world today and it claims to contain the words and inspiration of God.

Bible Fact #3

The Bible was the first complete book ever printed by a 'movable type printing press' as invented by Johannes Gutenberg around the 1450's.

Since this time the Bible still remains the best selling book of all time!

Bible Fact #2

The word ‘Bible’ is a Latin variation of the Greek ‘biblia’ or ‘biblios’ which means ‘book’ or collection of books. It’s the diminutive form of the word byblos which was the ancient word for Egyptian paper.
Egyptian papyrus paper came from the ancient Phoenician port city called Byblos. There was a town named 'paper' that became the word for 'book' that became the word for 'the Bible' (a collection of books).

Bible Fact #4

"In 100 years the Bible will be forgotten and eliminated." - Voltaire
Shortly after his death, Voltaire’s private residence became the headquarters of the Geneva Bible Society and became a major distribution hub for the very Bible he assigned to extinction.
"Heaven and earth will pass away but my words will be no means pass away" – Jesus


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